Great show and sound, I especially enjoyed the laser harp so big thanks. This was almost as great as the Concert pour la tolérance in Paris in 


The laser harp is an electronic instrument that is played by blocking laser beams. Several laser beams are produced, and a note is played when one of the beams is blocked by the player, similar to plucking a stick on a real harp.

Jean Michel Jarre playing a laser harp 2, 2009 05 12. credit: Creative  Subject: SV: nya jarre ----- Ursprungligt meddelande ----- Från: En av favvisarna är >> nr 3 där Syntex kladdar ner hela låten med 'Laser harp'. Är inte det ett Two CD set. 2018 collection from the French electronic music pioneer. Planet Jarre is a compilation studio album celebrating 50 years in the music business.

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4 May 2011 Most folks — other than her fellow science-y types and fans of Jean Michel Jarre — are probably unfamiliar with a laser harp, and far fewer  Master of the visual spectacle, Jarre enthralls the audience by playing his 'laser harp'. The mirrored palms of his gloves cause the laser to be reflected back to a  A laser harp is an electronic musical user interface and laser lighting display. The laser harp has been popularised by Jean-Michel Jarre, and has been a  5 Oct 2012 I spotted various Moogs, Mini-Moogs, Roland V-drums, a Continuum Fingerboard , the Synthex synth that he uses for his impressive laser harp  Bekannt wurde das Instrument durch Konzerte von Jean Michel Jarre. Eine Laserharfe hat im allgemeinen einen einzigen Laser, dessen Strahl in eine parallele  Jean Michel Jarre - Rendez-Vous II (Laser Harp) London 2010  2019-aug-18 - Jean-Michel Jarre Chicago May 22nd 2017 - Laser Harp. The first application for Android that simulates the incredible Laser Harp music instrument. If you have ever seen a Laser Harp in a concert of the electronic  Aug 18, 2019 - Jean-Michel Jarre Chicago May 22nd 2017 - Laser Harp. Läs om Laser Harp från Jean Michel Jarres The Concerts in China och se konst, låttexter och liknande artister.


It is actually a preset in the Elka Synthex, number 46. Jarre used other presets on the Synthex right out of the box. To create a laser harp sound, synchronize OSC2 to OSC1 and here comes the secret why many fail to create the sound. Popularized by Jean-Michel Jarre during his concerts, t he first Laser Harp was invented and played by Bernard Szajner in 1981, i s used by about ten people around the world.

Laser Harp (1981) invention along with elka synthex synthesizer by Bernard Szajner. Famous theme playes by french composer Jarre.

Jarre laser harp

I got my fingers dirty at the school of rock Yeah I got my fingers dirty so I took a walk I went up to the country park and hung around till after dark Till the girls got home Till the girls got home Did I … A laser harp is an electronic musical instrument consisting of several laser beams to be blocked, in analogy with the plucking of the strings of a harp, in order to produce sounds. It was popularized by Jean Michel Jarre, and has been a high profile feature of almost all his concerts since 1981. Laser Harp - Cover of Jean Michel Jarre played by Eric Jouchors.

July 31, 2020 · Maurizio Carelli shared a link to the Jarre playing the laser harp in Helsinki It was followed in 2001 by Interior Music , created for use by the audio-visual company Bang & Olufsen , and which did not receive a commercial release. The same year he composed, with Francis Rimbert arrangements, the music for the short-lived French channel Match TV, and contributed music to the soundtrack of the film Who wants to be a Star . The engineers that have created a laser harp for jean Michel Jarre are: Denis Carnus, Philippe Guerre, Claude Lifante, Yan Terrien.
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Uruguay. Lyric poetry.

1.0  Laserworld Pro Light Laser Harp Controller ProLight Laserharfe JEAN- MICHEL JARRE Laser Harp Rendez-Vous Electronica FLAG CLOTH POSTER CD. Green Laser Safety Goggles (1).
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In the late 1980s, the French musician [Jean-Michel Jarre] famously toured with a laser harp. The word among teenage fans was that he had to wear special gloves to stop his hands getting burned,

Laser Harp. Who is this guy anyway? Visit Percussa, for current info on the laser harp!

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Bobby Hughes Combination - Harp Junction (Dj Mix) - [4:57] Funkstörung - Jean Michel Jarre-C'est la Vie - [4:25] Jean Michel Jarre - Laser Harp - [3:26]

The exhibition launches on April 7th and will later travel to South America, Roma and London… Laser Harp Kromalaser. 1,613 likes. Laser Harp MIDI-ILDA Musical Instrument, Manufacturer The Laser Harp. When it comes to his live productions, Jarre is nothing if not hands on. Literally.


Jean MIchel Jarre Laserharp 2 Heineken Music Hall 20090526 The Time Machine The first Laser Harp was invented and played by Bernard SZAJNER in 1981, and Jean Michel JARRE (a French composer, performer and music producer) has been using it since then. Laser Harp - Cover of Jean Michel Jarre played by Eric Jouchors.

Sequences Coachella Opening Arpeggiator Automatic Part 1 with Vince Clarke Exit with Edward  Sein gutbekanntes "Laser Harp" Instrument aus dem 1986er Rendez-Vous Album kommt hier wieder einmal zum Zuge. Sein Partner hier ist der deutscher  Magnetic Fields III/Les Chants Magnetiques III 3'50" 3'48" Magnetic Fields IV/Les Chants Magnetiques IV 10'37" 6'49" Laser Harp/Harpe Laser  Great show and sound, I especially enjoyed the laser harp so big thanks. This was almost as great as the Concert pour la tolérance in Paris in  Jarre skrev ett antal nya verk för dessa konserter: Night in Shanghai, Laser Harp, Arpegiator, Orient Express, Souvenir of China och Fishing Junks at Sunset,  Jean-Michel Jarre never fails to amaze me with his infinite musical wizardry on the synthesizer/sampler/laser harp etc.. This is his second collaborative  #jarre #jeanmicheljarre #laserharp #laser #synth Laser Harp of course! Edward Snowden co-operation with Jean-Michel Jarre, important words about  hotell embargo Tråkig Jean Michel JARRE (Laser Harp The Time Machine ) 2016 LIVE HD LYON (FR) - YouTube · Var Ewell bunden Laserharp II Jean Michel  Jean-Michel Jarre - Fishing Junks At Sunset (9:38) 281. Jean Michel Jarre - Industrial Revolutions Part 1-2-3 (5:46) Jean-Michel Jarre - Laser Harp (3:37) Satan, där tog jag kål på någons dröm om att få programmera en 'Laserharp'. Som sagt kan det diskuteras om Jarre verkligen spelar på sin  Laser - so much more than five good looking guys, but also Five good 1 year ago.